Each of our Baby rooms at Puffins is unique, varying in size and layout so that you can find the perfect fit for your family. From before your child starts with us, we begin a process to ensure that staff get to know you and your child and offer the best standard of care.

We offer all families a home visit, which enables our practitioners to get to know you and your child in a secure and familiar environment. Our approach to the Key Person System means that our staff will focus on ensuring that your baby feels confident and secure in our care, to help them get used to the change of being at nursery as quickly as possible. A home visit lets your child get to know their Key Worker in an already familiar environment, to lessen the amount of ‘New’ they then have to encounter when they start nursery.

We know and understand that handing your child over to ‘strangers’ is a scary and emotional time, and we aim to make it as easy as it can be for everyone. We offer as many settling in visits as you and child need, and we will work with you to ensure that your baby’s routine is followed and supported at nursery. Over our 30 years, we have welcomed and settled many children, but each one is unique and so our settling in process with be tailored to your unique child.

Our caring and experienced staff will provide your baby with a range of experiences to develop and engage them in their learning, such as daily trips to the garden or local community, play based baby sensory experiences, baby massage, bounce and rhyme and baby sign.

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Our daughter loves attending Puffins at Mont Le Grand. The staff are all friendly and engage well with her. Since starting (about six months ago) she has developed speech and social skills she would not have been able to at home.
Father at Mont Le Grand – December 2022
We can't recommend them highly enough. All of the staff we have dealt with have been great, and it feels like they enjoy working there. Our son always comes home with a big smile on his face, excited by the day he has had.
Father at Sowton – December 2020
I would 100% recommend, as the manager and staff are just brilliant and really made my little girl comfortable, and relaxed and she's always coming out excited to tell me about her day what she's done and where she's been etc.
A Mother at Clystheath – January 2023