Various surveys have sought to capture what is meant by “school ready”. Most childcare professionals agree that the term should be applied to children who have strong social skills, can cope emotionally with being separated from their parents and are relatively independent in their own personal care

To help your child become ‘school ready’ our practitioners will support them in opportunities to:

  • feel socially, emotionally and physically secure, to enable them to behave appropriately and become confident active learners using all of their senses
  • develop their knowledge, skills and understanding across all areas of learning
  • initiate activities, showing their own initiative and making decisions
  • have time to explore their own ideas and interests in depth, to make links and discuss their learning
  • develop their concentration and becoming deeply involved in activities
  • learn in different ways, at different rates, to recognise that they have learned something new and improved their understanding
  • play and work co-operatively, learning to accept others’ differences, to be resilient and to question
  • play and work independently, at times without close supervision, taking responsibility, for example by caring for their environment
  • know how to keep themselves safe and healthy
  • follow instructions and responding to questions.

We do this by ensuring that we have a fully inclusive approach that meets the diverse and individual needs of all children.

We also have strong links with local primary schools and work with reception teachers to ensure that we make the transition to school as easy as possible.

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Our daughter loves attending Puffins at Mont Le Grand. The staff are all friendly and engage well with her. Since starting (about six months ago) she has developed speech and social skills she would not have been able to at home.
Father at Mont Le Grand – December 2022
We can't recommend them highly enough. All of the staff we have dealt with have been great, and it feels like they enjoy working there. Our son always comes home with a big smile on his face, excited by the day he has had.
Father at Sowton – December 2020
I would 100% recommend, as the manager and staff are just brilliant and really made my little girl comfortable, and relaxed and she's always coming out excited to tell me about her day what she's done and where she's been etc.
A Mother at Clystheath – January 2023