Connect Childcare

We use Connect Childcare at Puffins of Exeter to help us manage our nurseries. It streamlines our admin tasks, making sure that our registers, bookings and invoices are accurate. Speeding up our administration work allows us to spend more time focussing on your children and their development.


You might see your Key Worker and other staff members using tablets in the rooms. We use iConnect on our tablets to help us take important observations of your child’s development. We record all of the achievements your child makes at nursery to enable to track their development whilst they’re with us. iConnect allows us to do this really efficiently meaning we have so much more time to play, teach and care for your children instead of spending time on paperwork.


ParentZone is a smartphone app for parents that we use here at Puffins of Exeter to keep you up to date. You’ll get instant updates about your child’s activities and achievements, sent straight to your phone, so you’ll never miss an important moment again. From your app you can see how your child is developing by viewing their observations and assessments as soon as they are published. You can see a list of communications that we’ve sent out, like newsletters and notices.

Safeguarding and Security means a lot to us…

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. We want to assure you that your child’s data is safe. Here is some information about Connect Childcare’s security to put your mind at rest.

Data Protection

Connect Childcare are ISO9001 certified and are registered with the Commissioners Office (ICO). They have strict processes that ensure that they comply with GDPR and put the safety of your data first.


iConnect and ParentZone are protected by above industry standard HTTPS connections using the same security certificate technology used by internet banking. When data is being transferred to or from ParentZone and iConnect it is protected by TLS Certificates, so your children’s photos/data are always safe.

Extra Measures

To ensure Connect Childcare have a strong defence, they regularly conduct internaland external penetration tests with clear goals to identify any vulnerabilities within theirtechnology, processes and team. They operate an automated vulnerability assessment programme which regularly scans all of their systems. It delivers a prioritised list of any critical issues and they ensure any risks are removed immediately.


Connect Childcare are fully GDPR compliant. You can find out more about Connect Childcare’s GDPR and Security processes by downloading this factsheet.